Steel Iron Bar Price Per Kg Today – Saria rate Per KG in Pakistan 2023

Steel Iron Bar Price OR Saria rate in Pakistan per KG depends on several factors like the brand and the Grade type of steel iron bar. Saria is an essential component in the construction of buildings. In Pakistan, Sariya is the term which is used for TMT steel iron bars. The Saria rate in Pakistan changes almost every day. It is usually sold according to the Per KG rate of saria.

Steel iron bar comes in different grades like 40 grade and 60 grade. The iron rod which is very strong and mostly used in the lanter of the building is of 60 Grade. The rate of Sariya varies according to Grade and the steel company. Here in this post, we provide sariya ka rate today.

Saria rate in Pakistan is increasing day by day because the construction industry is growing now. Steel Iron bar is used in construction to make the building strong so that the building can be more solid. It is used on roofs, pillars, as well as in the base of houses or buildings. so if the base of the building becomes weak iron bars give them power.

Saria rate OR Steel iron bar OR TMT steel bar rate Per KG in Pakistan Today 11 April 2023

Saria rate per KG in Pakistan Today – Steel Iron Bar Price Per KG
Size in Sutar OR Saria GuageGrade-40 RateGrade-60 Rate
3 sutar – 10mmRS 272/Kg
RS 272,000/metric ton
RS 274/Kg
RS 274,000/metric ton
4 sutar – 12mmRS 270/Kg
RS 270,000/metric ton
RS 272/Kg
RS 272,000/metric ton
5 sutar – 16mmRS 270/Kg
RS 270,000/metric ton
RS 273/Kg
RS 273,000/metric ton
6 sutar – 20mmRS 270/Kg
RS 270,000/metric ton
RS 273/Kg
RS 273,000/metric ton
7 sutar – 22mmRS 270/Kg
RS 270,000/metric ton
RS 273/Kg
RS 273,000/metric ton
8 sutar – 25mmRS 270/Kg
RS 270,000/metric ton
RS 273/Kg
RS 273,000/metric ton

Disclaimer Note: All the rates which are given above are taken from the market. The prices of saria OR TMT steel bar rods can vary from place to place and province. These prices have been taken from the market. The prices of TMT Steel Bars in major cities of Pakistan can be low-priced as compared to other places because major steel mills are located in these cities. Due to steel mills located in major cities, the steel bars are manufactured in major cities which results in low supplying costs to the shop. If you are a representative of a steel mill and want us to change the prices then Contact Us.

60-Grade Steel Bar Prices Per Kg By Each Company

Steel BrandPrice Per Kg
Amreli Steel Bar (Grade-60)Rs. 274-276
Kamran Steel (Grade-60)Rs. 273-275
Ittehad Steel (Grade-60)Rs. 277 – 279
Ittefaq Steel (Grade-60)Rs. 274-276
Al-Haj Steel(Grade-60)Rs. 270-272
Mughal Supreme Steel (Grade-60)Rs. 276-278
SJ Steel (Grade-60)Rs. 273-275
MS Steel(Grade-60)Rs. 272-274

Choose the best steel iron rods or TMT Steel Bars for buildings

You should always select the best steel iron bars or TMT steel bars for the construction of the building. The cement and steel iron bars are the two main pillars of a building. You should choose a saria of a better grade. It is because if your building would have a strong construction material TMT steel bar then it will be safe and your building and building will bear strong earthquakes.

Always consult with a trained person so that you can get better advice from an industry expert. It is because the industry experts have great experience and they can give you the best piece of advice. This will make you and your building safe from future worries.

Major Steel Companies in Pakistan

There are many steel companies in Pakistan now. The reason behind this is that the construction industry is much grown now. Some of these companies are very popular because of their quality product. The famous companies are Mughal Steel, Amreli Steels, Pakistan Steel Mills, Ittefaq Steel Mill, and Kamran Steel.

  • Pakistan Steel Mills
  • Mughal Steel
  • Amreli Steels
  • Aisha Steel
  • MS Steel
  • FF Steel
  • Ittefaq Steel Mill
  • Kamran Steel
  • Ittehad Steel
  • Tuwairqi Steel Mills

Prior to Steel Iron Rod

In Pakistan, There was used TR Garder mostly put on the roof of buildings and houses. But now the trend of TR Garder is outdated because TR Garder roofs look very outdated. Now, everyone prefers to install lenter slab on the building.

The first reason for this is that it looks much more beautiful, and the second reason is it costs less if we compare this to the roof of TR Garder. In lenter slab first the shuttering is done on the top of the walls then the Steel iron rods are bound on top of shuttering. After this, the lanter is filled with a mixture of cement, sand, and crushed. The mixture of these three things is also known as Concrete.

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