Ceiling Fan Price in Pakistan 2023 GFC, Royal, PAK, SK fans

Ceiling Fan Price in Pakistan

Ceiling fan price in Pakistan is different due to difference in company brands, models, and Quality. There are many famous fan companies in Pakistan some of them are GFC Fans, Pak Fans, Royal Fans, and Millat Fans. The difference in prices is due to the quality, designs, and sizes of fans. There are 36-48-56-60-Inches Fan sizes.

Wisely decide before buying a fan

Before buying a fan, you should decide wisely. There are basically different fan motor wire qualities. The type of wire that is in fans are silver, copper, and silver copper.

You should always choose a fan with a pure copper wiring motor. Because a fan with copper wire consumes less electricity and works for years and years. The fans with silver wire consume more electricity and these fans burn if they are turned on less electricity.  

Best Ceiling Fan in Pakistan

There are several fan companies in Pakistan. Some are well known due to their durability, best quality, and beautiful designs. Some of the companies that are working in Pakistan are given below

  • GFC Fans
  • Pak Fans
  • Millat Fans
  • Super Asia Fans
  • Royal Fans
  • Belvin Fans
  • Super Indus Fans
  • Sogo Fans
  • Parvaz Fans
  • SK Fans
  • Breeze Fans
Ceiling Fans Price in Pakistan

GFC Ceiling Fan Price in Pakistan 2023

ClassicRS 5,945
MarvelRS 6,545
Sapphire PlusRS 6,910
DeltaRS 7,095
Crystal AntiqueRS 8,175
Glamour ModelRS 10,480
To view, further details on these models visit GFC Website.

PAK Fan Ceiling Fan Prices 2023

There are two series of Pak Fans Ceiling Fans which are the Classic Series and Executive Series.

DeluxeRS 4,845
Classic GoldRS 5,185
Decora DeluxeRS 6,475
MajesticRS 8,595
EleganceRS 8,795
To view fans in detail visit the PAK fans website.

Super Asia Ceiling Fan Price in Pakistan 2023

Safari RS 5,210
JazzRS 5,215
PrimeRS 6,905
DecentRS 11,055
Decent (Plus)RS 13,615
TwisterRS 10,590
Smart AntiqueRS 7,040
Pretty RS 10,095

Royal Ceiling Fan Price in Pakistan 2023

Passion Ceiling FansRS 6,445
Royal 3 Star EnerconRS 6,495
Royal Deluxe Ceiling FanRS 6,295
Royal Deluxe Imperial Ceiling FanRS 6,695
Royal Deluxe Jem WavesRS 6,695

Belvin Fan Prices 2023

MagnumRS 7,195
Caroma PlusRS 8,980
Antique Water ProofRS 8,395
Antique PlusRS 8,785
Butterfly (Inverter)RS 14,995

Breeze Fan Prices 2023

Super DeluxeRS 5,695
ExcellRS 5,995
CrownRS 6,050
CrystalRS 6,000 to 6,050
ElegantRS 6,070 to 6,120
SapphireRS 6,745
WavesRS 6,950 to 6,970
AirMax 3BRS 12,950 to 13,500
AirMax 4BRS 13,950 to 14,500

SK Fan Price in Pakistan 2023

Model Price
Deluxe StandardRS 5,330
Super Deluxe MultiRS 6,155
MagnumRS 7,195
Caroma PlusRS 8,980
VictoriaRS 6,830
Antique Water ProofRS 8,395
VIPRS 6,215
AC/DC Ceiling FanRS 7,995

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