12 Rabi ul Awal 2021

Rabi ul Awal is the third month in Islamic Calendar. Rabi ul Awal is the month in which Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was born. Our Prophet was born on 12 of Rabi ul Awal. Muslim Umah Celebrates this day because Holy  Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) bear many difficulties for his Umah and show them the right path that path make the society peaceful where everyone has equal rights.


Rabi ul Awal collectively means “The  First Spring”. Rabi means “Spring” while al Awal means “The First”

Rabi ul Awal in Pakistan and India

In Pakistan and India, it will start on the evening of 18 October and will be celebrated on 19 October.

Rabi ul Awal in Arab Countries 

In Arab countries and the other regions 12 Rabi ul Awal will celebrate on 18 October.

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